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If – after reading through our site – you feel that we might bring something valuable to the table that would actually help your company to achieve a higher operational efficiency in promotion management, while increasing your overall forecast accuracy and customer profitability like we did with others, and you are thinking seriously about solving the problems in this area for good then you should contact us.

We kindly remember you that due to the sensitive nature of our business area we do not respond to non-directly business related inquiries. We do not share information about our customers and never share the business-specific methods and processes that our customers are using. Please, do not contact us if your inquiry is related to these exclusions.

We hope that this will meet with your understanding and we are confident that if you become our customer, with all the benefits of our system and methods, you will appreciate this approach even more. If you agree with the above, and you would like us to help you find out the best way to manage promotions, forecasting and business planning in your company then please contact us during business hours (GMT-1) via phone: +36 30 202 0076.