The Most Complete and Effortless Integrated Solution for
Trade Promotion Management, Business Planning & Forecasting
for FMCG Companies

When and what part of the year should I start improving promotional processes, to ensure most success and least resistance?

There is no right time in general and experience says it is a mistake to wait for one. The positive effects of promotional process improvement however are exponential by nature so it is safe to say that the early and quick implementation will create more optimal circumstances for further changes.

What are the levels of this improvement?

We distinguish four different levels on Promotion Management Processes in general and we are able to provide all help and guidance needed for each level.
These are Incidental Promotion Processes (where operation is organized by imminent tasks, with overloaded departments and results are exposed entirely to external factors);
Promotional Awareness (with documented processes, strategic and operative goals set with difficulty to fully implement and ensure flawless cooperation among teams at this stage large amount of data is at hand but planning builds from subjective observation and experience);
Promotional Focus (with regular supervision of processes and results, qualitative control and harmonized promotional performance these organizations are driven to improve their efficiency, organize past results and data as well as look for more advanced methods and tactics.);
And lastly Promotional Excellence (where there is a prompt connection between the strategy and processes based on statistical control, the improvement in efficiency and profitability is continuous due to well-crafted frameworks to test, optimize and form best-practices that are measurable, reliable and repeatable. Productivity and precision manifest as an integrated semi-automated promotion factory throughout all correspondent divisions. Companies at this level are natural early adapters to new technologies with ability to react quickly to market changes with an objective understanding of it.)

If we go with Sensact AGES, what do we get?

We take solution by its meaning. You will have the complete software implemented and integrated into your business with forever instant support and all future improvements and additional features for FREE. In addition to that you get an access to add our latest developments in a form of a new and not advertised module which solve the decreasing ROI paradox of the industry, and beyond the several additional services we offer to truly raise your trade activities to the next level.

How long does the implementation process usually does?

Typically, 3-6 month, mostly depending on the own workload and capacity of the client and how fast and flawlessly can we obtain crucial data from other supplies and providers of systems the client uses. Over the years we developed a very advanced implementation blueprint ensuring a fast and effortless process.

When can we first use the software and experience its benefits?

Optimally 2 month required for the first stage introduction from our part. Usually the biggest challenge for new clients – if not organized well beforehand – is to start record and log all activities. Activity history data stands as the basis of transparency and better control all further benefits quickly follow.

How much effort will it require from our (the company) part to implement it across our divisions?

Much less than expected, according to feedback. We guide the whole process with utmost proficiency along our unique Implementation Blueprint developed as a best practice guideline over the years. The process focuses on structured steps of flawless implementation combined with special tutorial trainings along the way so each stakeholder will become a natural user along the way. We distinguish ourselves by the approach that every professional whose work is affected by the promotional activities should enjoy the benefits of our system and be able to extract its benefits to the fullest.


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The most complete and effortless integrated solution for trade promotion management, business planning & forecasting for FMCG companies